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    Department of Animal Husbandry Dairying & Fisheries (DADF) is responsible for matters relating to livestock production, preservation, protection and improvement of stocks, dairy development and also for matters relating to the Delhi Milk Scheme and the National Dairy Development Board. It also looks after all matters pertaining to fishing and fisheries Development Board. The Department advises the State Governments/ Union Territories in the formulation Policies and programmes in the field of animal husbandry, dairy development and fisheries. The main focus of the activities is on

    • Development of requisite infrastructure in States/ Uts for improving animal productivity.
    • Preservation and protection of livestock through provision of health care.
    • Strengthening of central livestock farms (Cattle, Sheep and Poultry) for development of superior germplasm for distribution to states.
    • Expansion of aquaculture in fresh, brackish water, welfare of fisherfolk, etc.