Tharparkar Cow

Name of the breed :- Tharparkar

Habitat :- Tharparkar is an important dual purpose breed raised primarily for its milking potential. The name "Tharparkar" has been derived from the place of its origin- The THAR desert. The home tract of this breed is in the Tharparkar district of southeast Sindh in Pakistan.
         In India, these animals are now found along the Indo-Pak border covering western Rajasthan and upto Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. 

Characteristics of breed :-

Animals are white or gray in colour. In bulls neck,hump and hind quarters are also black.forehead broad and flat and slightly convex above eyes. Ears are long,broad and pendulous and switchb of tail is of black colour. Body size medium. 

Performance Parameters:- 

Parameters Female Range
Average body weight (adult) 350Kg 300-400
Average age at maturity (months) 36 32-36
Average age at first calving (months) 45 41-45
Average calving interval (days) 410 400-450
Average milk yield in Kg.(305 days) 2000 1900-2400
Average Lactation length 280 240-377
Average Fat %  4.88 4.5-4.9
Average SNF 9.2 8.9-9.7




Tharparkar Bull