Livestock Census


Livestock Census


 In view of the importance of livestock sector to the national economy and considering the short span of re-productivity and life of domestic animal, the first Census was organized during 1919-1920 and since then it is being conducted quinquennially by all the States/UTs in India. So far, 18 such Censuses have been conducted and the latest one is the 18th Livestock Census in the series with 15/10/2007 as the date of reference. 17th   Livestock Census was due to be conducted in 2002 but due to the transfer of this work from the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation to the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries in February, 2002, it got delayed and was conducted with reference date 15th October, 2003. As the Livestock Census is being conducted quinquennially, the XI Plan Subgroup of the Planning Commission recommended that in order to maintain a proper series of the data, the 18th Livestock Census   should be conducted with reference date as 15th October 2007.

The ultimate responsibility for conducting the livestock census rested with the State Governments.  The Department of Animal Husbandry in the respective States/UTs was responsible for managing the enumeration and computerization of data with Directors of the Animal Husbandry Services as the nodal officers. The Central Government has coordinated the work of the States and issued necessary guidelines to ensure uniformity in collection of census data and their processing. 

The National Informatics Centre (NIC) imparted training to State officials on the software developed by them for computerizing the 18th Livestock Census data.  The Census data was computerized by respective State Governments or private agencies engaged by them, using the software developed by the NIC. The computerized data from States was processed at NIC for validations and verifications before generation of tables as per approved tabulation plan. In the 18th Livestock census, for the very first time digital data up to the household level has been processed at the central level through NIC. The All India Report (Provisional Results) on the 18th Livestock Census, processed by the NIC from the digital data village level totals is available on the official website of the Department.


Note: All  India Summary Report , 28 State Reports and one consolidated report for the Union Territories pertaining to the  17th Livestock Census cannot be displayed* due to some technical reasons.


17th Livestock Census