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Poultry Development in India has made impressive progress during the last three decades evolving from backyard ventures to a full-fledged commercial agro industrial business mainly due to comprehensive research and development initiated by the Government and subsequently taken up by the organized private sector. 

At present India ranks among the top 6 nations in egg production in the world with the total annual egg production of about 41.00 billion (2004-05 prov.). 

Now the private organizations are very well placed to meet the requirement of high producing birds suited only for the intensive organized poultry sector, but the unorganized sector which contributes a substantial proportion of egg production is still neglected. 

The brief of the schemes being implemented by the poultry unit: 

1. Central Poultry Development Organizations:

During the 10th Plan it was decided to club all the existing 13 Central Poultry Development Organizations region-wise into 4 Centers so as to convert the poultry developmental activities in a single window system. Their major mandate now is only to encourage backyard/rural poultry. 

These Centers are now being used for diversification production program as one of the thrust area by taking up duck, turkey, Japanese quail and Guinea fowl etc. 

Up gradation of Training Unit into International Tropical Avian Management Institute is envisaged. In near future the anchor role of the Central Poultry Development Organizations will all the more be indispensable, as this scheme is going to provide vital inputs to the proposed scheme of rural backyard poultry. Presently these Organizations are also supporting and handholding the Centrally Sponsored Scheme, “Assistance to State Poultry Farms”.

The Random Sample Poultry Performance Testing Center(RSPPTC), Gurgaon is entrusted with the responsibility of testing the performance of layer and broiler varieties. This Center conducts one layer test for the period from 0-72 weeks of age wherein the production parameters of the laying birds received from different participants comprising of private and public sector agencies are tested. At the end of the test the data are analyzed and the report indicating the relative performance of these entrants are published. Accordingly two broiler tests are conducted every year from 0-8 weeks of age and the results are published giving full information about growth rate, feed efficiency and margin of profit from each entrant. The report is published for the utilization of the poultry industry in general, and the breeder participants in particular. This Center gives a valuable information relating to the different genetic stock available in the country.

During 2004-05, the CPDOs have supplied about 0.82 lakh parent chicks, 0.76 lakh ducklings, 8.52 lakh Commercial chicks 7.58 chicken hatching eggs, 1.16 lakh duck hatching eggs and 10811 Turkey poults/ 13720 hatching eggs sold of Guinea Fowl /45441 d/o chicks (Keets ). Hatching eggs sold 1.51 lakhs of Quails and 1.04 lakh Quail chicks provided. These organizations also analyzed about 4560 feed samples and trained about 1650 farmers and 240 trainers during the year. 

2. Assistance to States poultry farms:

During the X Plan, the Centrally Sponsored Scheme “Assistance to state poultry farms” was launched in all the States and UTs to strengthen existing poultry farms including other species like ducks, turkey, quails, guinea fowl etc. The pattern of assistance is 100% for North Eastern States and 80:20 for other States. The scheme will also apply to the farms of the State Governments who may run in collaboration with cooperatives/private sector/NGOs etc. One time assistance is provided to suitably strengthen hatching, brooding and rearing operations with feed mill, quality monitoring and in-house disease diagnoses provisions. Breeding stock to be maintained is stipulated to be strictly of low input technology. Target group should be as far as possible, marginal farmers, landless laborers, and women in groups only and from other socially backward sections of the society. A provision of Rs.15.00 lakh as revolving fund for making the Scheme self-sustainable is also made. During 2004-05, 30 farms were assisted for strengthening and total sanctions worth Rs.14.37 crores were released for the same.

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Smt. Neerja Rajkumar

Joint Secretary (DD&P)



Dr. M. Ahmad

Deputy Commissioner (Poultry)



Sh. B.P.Nagar

Assistant Commissioner (Poultry)



Dr. J.N.Bora

Director, CPDO, Northern Region - Chandigarh




Dr. S.K.Panda

Director, CPDO, Eastern Region- Bhubaneswar,



Dr. B.N.Malik

Director, CPDO, Western Region- Mumbai




Dr. Rajeshwara Rao

Director, CPDO, Southern Region- Hessarghatta





Superintendent,  RSPPTC, Gurgaon